AMUR (officially DEXTER Jamos) is a perfect nanny for the multiple generations of our white bears. His patience seems to be indefinite as he is always ready for the play with little fluffs. He can also be a good uncle for little kitties, but adult cats should rather not count on his understanding - he just keeps in his memory their taunts...

AMUR is well educated and trained, therefore looking after the portion of sausage or fetching the hot-dog is a piece of cake for him. On top of his obedience training he finds a lot of joy in learning new tricks, so he is a valuable actor in several movies, advertisements or veterinary conferences ('does anyone have such beautiful dentition?'). He is also a frequent guest at kindergardens and can be used for dogotherapy.

Unfortunately his health (rheumatism and hip dysplasia) does require a special attitude. Therefore he uses this excuse to occupy our bed or sofa.

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