DOLINKA's personality won our hearts immediately - she is very friendly, cheerful and calm. She was making the friendship with our dogs and cats and she knew that our home is her home from the beginning.

Sometimes we think, that she's got settled a little bit too much - especially when she steals a meat from our grill... She thinks she deserves all the caresses of the world.

On her first shows she was awarded with excellent notes and Polish championship application form CWC
(she beaten 9 females in Zakopane!) - as if she wanted to remind us she is not only beloved but also beautiful.

She is very good mother full of care and patience. She plays with puppies and teaches them how to be a good Podhalan.

Dolinka is hip dysplasia free HD-A and she is registered in Polish Kennel Klub with number KW-I-189/OP.
Now she is the

I can hardly believe there are children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Dolinka with us - and she still behaves like a teenager! And now her great-great-grandchildren are born...

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