Dworny is another dog gathered from the shepherds' shelter - bacowka. He is the utmost peaceful and the most balanced dog we have ever known.
He is a true philosoph - stoicism is his favourit subject. Full of majesty and dignity, although sometimes allows himself a bit of play and joy, but nothing can put him out of balance.

He shows no difference in attitude towards the CACIB obtained and the food served...

But you always can bribe him with scratching behind his ear - he then purrs and squints while tilting his big head. His undeniable charm is a perfect tool to buy a favour of every woman...

Dworny is hip dysplasia free HD-A and he is CHAMPION OF POLAND. He was awarded many times with CACIB, res-CACIB, CAC, Best of Breed, Best in Show of Polish Breeds.
He is registered in Polish Kennel Club with the number KW I-248/OP

He is the official and proven stud dog. White ladies are kindly welcome.

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