Gwarny (aka Goł±bek) has an interesting personality - he is being so emotional, full of (almost endless) energy, jumping and vocalizing his happiness. On the other hand he is a real tough highlander, with three main goals in his life - get caressed, seduce a white female and confront the strenght of his muscles with other male. So a typical highlanders' soul - loves deeply and fights hard. That's why it is so hard not to love him...

He is equally heated when it comes to fight as to love, which does seem to be appreciated by white females coming to reach the peaks with his companion... Goł±bek does not care about his numerous titles - finally they are not on his priority list.

In 2012 he got BOB, BIS of Polish Breeds, I BOG and finally BEST IN SHOW of the entire show in Zakopane, winning over 600 dogs. It is an incredible achievement as podhalan very rarely gets to such top ranks on the shows. In 2013 he got the WORLD WINNER and BOB during thew World Dogh Show in Budapest, and yet another BEST IN SHOW of the entire show in Strzelce Opolskie. He is also POLISH CHAMPION, HUNGARIAN CHAMPION, CROATIAN CHAMPION and CLUB WINNER (Club for Sheepdog & Mountain Dog from I and II group FCI HR) and vice EUROPEAN WINNER '14.

Gwarny is a proven stud dog, free of hip dysplasia (HD-A, by dr Siembieda). He is registered in Polish Kennel Club at KW-I-405/OP

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