KARCMA (the traditional highlanders' inn made of wood) is the usual place in Podhale where one can eat tasty regional dishes and listen to the highlanders' traditional music.

A Wild Dog from Podhale - this is the humorous way we call her at home. She is free like a bird - a free-spirit flying high upon the top of a mountain. In reality she is quiet, independent, fearless, wise and with strong character. She is like a young mustang running through the Wild West. Like a free spirit exploring the emptiness between Jabłonka nad Chyźne...

Freedom is of the price with her. And she has her own opinion, although she is still respecting our and can show the love and attachment. But one need to work hard to deserve her respect. And she fits more into the highlander's climate than the high society lounges.
Despite the successes she achieves on almost every show, she does prefer the top of the lime rock as a place of rest - looking proudly around. She is more like her aunt Bacowka than her mum. The leadership in the pack is going to be changed soon...
Karcma has the eyes of her grandpa - Wierny. She is clever and learns very quickly. She is a very good and dedicated and careful mummy.

Karcma is Dolinka's granddaughter and the last generation with KW - her children will be granted the full pedigree (PKR). It is unbelievable how quickly the time is flying...
Karcma (exactly like her grandparents, parents and sisters) is Hip Dysplasia Free with best possible result HD-A. She is also heart diseases free and eyes diseases free.

Unfortunately the dog shows are not of her favourite activities - she is protesting with all her being against this form of time spending. Probably she sees this as a restriction of her highlanders' freedom :-)

But despite this she has some successes in this field. So far she has been presented on 19 dog shows (of which 9 International), she has won 18 times. The only one time she was the second - following her sister Kapela.
On top of multiple Winner (Best Female) titles she was also 5xCACIB, multi Best of Breed (also on on the special show and on CACIB show), vice-BIS Junior and twice 3rd Best In Show. Karcma and our Przaśny were awarded with Best Breeding Couple twice - on the special and club shows.
She became Polish Champion, Hungarian Champion, Polish Junior Champion and Club Winner (on the Club Show of I and II FCI group shepherd dogs).

Her puppies and grandchildren are also very titeled - they are awarded with many titles so far - Junior World Winner, vice World Winner, Interchampions, Champions of Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, Junior Champions, Junior Club Winner, Club Winner and  3 x BIS JUNIOR.

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