Niedzica (also known as Nidka) is the younger sister of our Zachcianka. During her puppyhood she has also duly deserved the other name - The Little Devil. Destroying factor of her temperament transformed shoes, sticks, sponges, bowls and whatever sha caught with her jaws into the star dust. Now the sleeping bud burst into bloom, but still can convert the most dully dog into the joyful friend and talk doggie with unfriendly barkers.

She is not very serious about the life and manifests her discontent only when distracted from the play. So she will rather not be a dignified lady serving the afternoon tea at five o'clock.

Niedzica, so as her parents and siblings, is Hip Dysplasia-free (HD-A). She has been registered in Polish Kennel Club with the number KW-I-266/OP.

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