Połonina (aka Nina) is a daughter of two World Winners - our FLASECKA and GWARNY. Her majesty however has not crystalized yet… Maybe one day…

She is very playful and jumps as high as her mummy did. Very joyful, with quite a temperament and four-legs-drive she is an ideal companion for the childhood plays of my daughter. She even allows her to win from time to time.

Nina – the real quicksilver – smiling food thief and happy cuddler. She has got a special charm, however the strangers may not priviledged to experience this, as Nina is pretty straightforward with her feelings towards the aliens.

Together with her sister, Przekorna Jagu¶, they are imressive as a duet called 'korniki - the borers - wood eating beetles'. If at any time there would be a new discipline of deconstructing the woodden stick, they have really good chance to win..

POŁONINA (similarly to her grandparents, parents and sisters) is Hip Dysplasia Free with best possible result HD-A and Elbows Dysplasia Free ED 0/0 (dr Siembieda).

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