Poprad (called Radek at home) definitely takes after his mum. Just like Karcma, he prefers his own ways. He is dignified ans incorruptible. He has only one master - or rather, one lady ;)  But it couldn't be any different since he was always first to run to me whenever I appeared bearing the precious bottle of milk to feed the puppies. He left me no choice - I had to keep my milksop...

As becomes the home "sissy", he loves lying near the fireplace. When he thinks I do not notice him for too long, he gently reprimands me by bumping up my hand - "well, you wanted a dog? Come on now, indulge me!"

Poprad has a full pedigree no. PKR-I-66413 and seems to be carrying his burden of being the son of World, Europe and Club Winner, Interchampion and Multichampion Baron Tomkowe Przytulisko and Poland and Hungary Champion, Club WInner Karcma Na Góralsko Nute, with quiet dignity. Maybe sometimes he would like to wallow in mud; tough luck though - noblesse oblige...

So far Poprad became INTERCHAMPION, Polish Champion, Polish Junior Champion, Hungarian Champion, Slovakia Champion, Grand Prix Slovakia Winner and BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR twice! He was also awarded several times with CACIB's and Best of Breed titles.

But first of all he is oficially Hip Dysplasia - free with HD-A and also eyes diseases-free!
He is also proven stud dog.

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