Przaśny (Crude)  is my daughter's sweetheart - since the very moment puppies arrived, she never stopped whining "Mommy, will you leave this doggie for me? Say you will, please, please..."
I tried to pretend I didn't hear it, avoided the topic, changed the subject, then moved to gentle persuasion and not very becoming of a good mother - bribery. All for nothing. The young lady adamantly stuck to the French proverb which says, "a woman's will is God's will..." ;)

Przaśny... fully deserves his name as well as his nickname which is Kudłaty (Shaggy). He is a cheerful simpleton, satisfied with every adventure, always wearing a wide smile,  his hairy tail waggling the whole dog. And his manners are far from perfect...
Shaggy walks through life oblivious of his aristocratic origin, cherishing his hippie hairdo, always true to his motto "love, peace and understanding". If he could, he would probably grow some illegal stuff in the backyard...

Przaśny is a full pedigree dog (PKR-I-66411) and together with his litter brother Poprad (like true guys) occupies a strategic place on the porch, showing the whole wide world how tiring it is to do nothing at all...

Przaśny is INTERCHAMPION, Polish Champion, Hungarian Champion, Slovakia Chamipion, Junior Club Winner (on the AHHC Club Show of I and II FCI shepherd dogs), he was awarded many times with BOB, CAC, Winner, CACIBs and res-CACIB title and together with his mother - twice Best Couple title (on the specialistic Polish Breeds Show and on AHHC Club Show).

But first of all he is ofiicially Hip Dysplasia-free HD-A (dr Siembieda), heart diseases-free (dr Garncarz) and eyes diseases-free (dr Garncarz)! Przaśny is the proven stud dog - he gives handsome, robust and numerous puppies.
HD-free white ladies kindly welcome!

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