Przekorna Jagu¶ (aka Jaga) is - despite her name - pretty friendly and nice girl, cooperating with people. She was a contrary only once - she was the smallest in the litter, while she has grown to a not so small beautiful girl.

She is a daughter of two World Winners - our FLASECKA and GWARNY, but thios does not seem to make any difference for her. Her behavior is - unfortunately - rather far from Queen's etiquette.

Together with her sister - Połonina - they run together, play, roll and bite the woodden sticks. They are really good at it, so the home name of both - 'korniki - the borers - wood eating beetles'. If at any time there would be a new discipline of deconstructing the woodden stick, they have really good chance to win...

Jaga loves long walks and play with our daughter - their joint runs, rolling in the snow, collecting the burs in the bush and downhill sliding can be very spectacular. Both are so engaged, so I should bath both of them shortly after.

Przekorna Jagu¶ (similarly to her grandparents, parents and sisters) is Hip Dysplasia Free with best possible result HD-A and Elbows Dysplasia Free ED 0/0 (dr Siembieda).

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