Rumianek (also known as Grzmocio, Gucio, Glucio or Osiołek-Donkey) has left our home as an 8-week old puppy. Unfortunately his new home brought him more challenges - one of the family members had a severe allergy, whioch made this relations very difficult to survive.

So he came back for a temporary period...

He is clearly an incurable optimist, enjoying his life, always willing to accept caresses and food. As he was growing with threesome kids, he is very gentle and joyful, but in the same time he believes all treats of this world should be given to him. Such attitude cannot - for obvious reasons - be accepted by the rest of our white crod, so Gucio was frequently challenged by the old-and-wise protoplasts. Now he is his own boss - he is living with his wife and daughter in our friend's kennel.

Rumianek is free of Hip Dysplasia (HD-A result by dr Siembieda). He is also a proven stud dog.

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