WIERNY (the Faithful) joined our doggy team recently. His highlander' nature let him step into the leading position in our flock - well, almost leading - as Her Majesty Garda immediately positioned him in the most appropriate place. He could not even post his objection - Mother The Qeen shut his mouth with one quiet bark...
His manners are rather far from the high society - according to our cats he still needs some training in this field to become a gentleman. But due to his dedication to the true highlanders' freedom, our training effort seem to be endless.

He has some CACIBs, CACs and BOBs from dog shows, but his preferred activity is to convince cats that the long-distance runs are irreplaceable for the good healt. Of the cat, of course.
Being a daddy is not what he is good at - he would rather delegate this to the mummy - he believes the free time should rather be spent in the pub than at the craddle.

Wierny is an approved stud dog. He is hip dysplasia free HD-A and is registered in Polish Kennel Klub with number KW-I-188/OP.

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