LIMBA has been at the last stages of her life when she landed at our home. She experienced a lot during her good-over-ten years. She lived at highlands, protected the sheep flocks and the shepherds' property.

Heavily wounded by the wolf teeths found a good shelter, vet support and the deserved retirement with us. It took a long time for the scar to heal, but the old organism has bravely fighted the disease. She stayed with us for six months only, but gave us her companionship and very nice character. Once she finished the fight with the wolf's remains and started to enjoy the retirement, she was attacked again. The cancer did not give her another chance. This time the incurable shot has shorten our friendship.

She will stay in our memories as a bright, cheerful and caring dog, wagging slowly her tail - just a friend to everyone - other dogs, cats, chilren and ourselves, looking at us from under her favourite pear tree.


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